Which Social Media Platform is Best For You?

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Choose the Right Social Media Channels

The social media platform you choose for your influencer campaign will depend on your end goals. Different platforms are better suited for different audiences and demographics. Not only does each channel convey a different feeling for users, but also the channel you pick will be the basis for determining the ROI you can expect.

As a rule of thumb, beautiful photographs belong on Instagram, while interesting videos perform better on Facebook. Therefore, not only should you choose the right social media channel for your campaign, but you’ll want to identify the best tactics for that particular platform.

Since each social media platform presents their own pros and cons, it is important that you do extensive research into what platform your customers spend the most amount of time on. For most campaigns, you’ll find it ideal to utilize a combination of multiple platforms to maximize your exposure. Test out various platforms to find what helps you reach your target audience effectively, then try optimizing the message until you get the best return.